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Maine Lobsters

Home > Shopping > Maine Lobsters

Where to Buy Lobster

Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound
"Fresh Maine Lobsters, Clams, Sea Scallops, and Crabmeat"
1237 Bar Harbor Road, Trenton, Maine 04605
Phone:  (207) 667-2977,  Fax:  (207) 667-3412

Bayley's Lobster Pound
9 Avenue 6, Pine Point, Scarborough, Maine 04074
Phone:  (207) 883-4571

Bristol Seaford
5 Portland Fish Pier, Portland, Maine 04101
Phone:  (207) 774-3177

Graffam Brothers
"Order Lobsters Online"
P.O. Box 340D, Rockport, Maine 04856
Phone:  1-800-535-5358,  Fax:  (207) 236-2569

Harbor Fish Market
"Fresh Seafood from the Maine Coast"
9 Custom House Wharf, Portland, Maine 04101
Phone:  1-800-370-1790

Maine Lobster & Seaford Company
289 Gray Road, Falmouth, Maine
Phone:  (207) 883-3588

Port Lobster Company
"Fresh Lobster, Fantastic Seafood"
Kennebunkport, Maine
Phone:  1-800-486-7029

Hancock Gourmet Lobster Company
104 Taylor Road, Cundys Harbor, Maine 04079
Phone:  1-800-552-0142

Love Maine Lobsters
254 Commercial Street, Box 4, Portland, Maine 04101
Phone:  (207) 772-6121,  Fax:  (207) 772-6132

New Meadows Lobster
60 Portland Pier, Portland, Maine 04101
Phone:  (207) 774-6562,  Fax:  (207) 874-2456

Pool Lobster Company
P.O. Box 291, 18 Yates Street, Biddeford Pool, Maine 04006
Phone:  (207) 284-5000

Seaview Lobster Co.
43 Government Street, Kittery, Maine, 03904
Phone:  1-800-245-4997,  Fax:  (207) 439-1476

Taylor Lobster Company
32 Route 236, Kittery, Maine 03904
Phone:  1-866-439-1350

Information about Maine Lobster and Lobstermen
Maine Lobstermen's Association on Facebook.

"How to eat lobster".  By Mill Brook House, Bar Harbor, Maine.

"A profile of the average lobsterman", The Working Waterfront, July 2009.  Did you know that the average Maine lobsterman is 50 years old, depends on his spouse for medical insurance and additional income, and does not live on the ocean (too expensive)?  Read more about Maine lobstermen in this online article.

"Truckin' with lobsters", The Working Waterfront, June 2009.  How does Maine lobster get shipped to other parts of the country?  Most of them fly.  However, . . . read this online news article about a new method for shipping lobster by truck.

Lobster.  By the Island Institute.  Read all about lobsters.

Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation.  This is a non-profit organization that collaborates with lobstermen, scientists and members of the communit to support a healthy lobster fishery within the Gulf of Maine, conduct vessel-based field work, protect and sustain the resource, encourage good stewardship of the marine environment and provide outreach, education and economic opportunities.

Lobster Boat Tours.  Take a ride on a lobster boat, see some lighthouses from the ocean's perspective, experience the life of a lobsterman on a working fishing vessel.  Located in Addison, Maine.

Maine Lobster Boat Racing Schedule.  If you are looking for some summer fun with a Maine theme then nothing can come closer than lobster boat races.  These races happen up and down the Maine coast every weekend.

Maine Lobster Boat Racing Association
966 North Maine Street, Winterport, Maine 04496
(207) 223-8846

Notes from a Maine Lobster Village. A writer blogs about Maine lobster villages, recipes, and fishing life.

Gulf of Maine Lobster Foundation Blog.

Maine Lobster Museum.  Located in Bar Harbor, Maine.  This museum recently suffered from a fire but has since been rebuilt. 2. Learn more about the Maine Lobster Museum here.

Qestions, Answers, and Facts about Maine Lobsters

How old do lobsters live to? That is a hard question but some say they can possibly live for 30 to 40 years or more. Read more in this news article published November 30, 2012 in The Huffington Post, "Lobster Age Shown by Counting Its Rings Like a Tree, Study Reveals".

How big can lobsters get? Some lobsters get quite large. The largest lobster ever caught in Maine waters was the size of a three year old child and weighed 27 pounds. See "Maine's biggest lobster returned to Atlantic Ocean", Reuters, February 24, 2012.

How much lobster is caught in Maine waters? In 2011 a record was set for the highest lobster catch in one year.  Lobstermen in Maine caught more than 100 million pounds of lobster. 3. Lobster accounts for about 70 percent of the value of Maine seafood harvest.

How are live lobsters shipped from Maine to market? If the destination is close (Boston, New York, or elsewhere in New England) the lobsters go by truck. But to go a long distance, because of the short life lobsters have when out of water, lobsters are shipped by high priority air cargo. There are improvements being made to allowing shipping lobsters to distant locations via ground transport incorporating advanced holding tank designs. 1.

News Articles About Maine Lobster

August 2, 2017."More Women Move Into Maine's Rough and Risky World of Lobstering", NPR.

December 24, 2014."The Accidential Lobster Farmer". Modern Farmer.

July 21, 2014."77 years spent on the trappings of Maine lobster". Portland Press Herald. Andy Gove, 84, of Stonington, Maine lives a life of lobster boat racing and fishing.

May 7, 2011."Solid lobster catch foreseen, but high fuel prices loom".  Bangor Daily News.

February 18, 2011."93 million pound record lobster catch reported in 2010". Bangor Daily News.

June 7, 2010.  "Lobsterman a tour guide".  Bangor Daily News.

March 2, 2010. "Record volume of lobster caught in Maine in '09".  Bangor Daily News.

August 25, 2010. "In Maine, a Rivalry Boils Up On the Lobster-Boat Racing Circuit".  The Wall Street Journal.

July 17, 2009. "Martha Stewart: Visits To Maine Fed Craving For Lobster",





1. See"New live lobster road transport system", World Fishing & Aquaculture, November 30, 2011.

2. See "Work continues to rebuild lobster museum at Bar Harbor Oceanarium", WCSH 6 Portland, September 27, 2011.

3. See"Maine's 2011 lobster haul breaks record at over 100M pounds", Bangor Daily News, January 31, 2012.


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