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Cutler, Maine

Home > Cities > Cutler, Maine

Cutler Bay is a small coastal village found north of Machias in Washington County.  It has a number of homes and cottages with a very small population. There is no commercial center with stores and restaurants. A mix of fishing vessels and pleasure craft can be found in Destiny Bay during summer months that make use of the deep water harbor.

The marina in Destiny Bay in Cutler, Maine
Marina at Cutler Harbor, Cutler, Maine

Websites and Blogs About Cutler, Maine

Cutler, Maine. Official website of the Town of Cutler, Maine.

Cutler, Maine. By Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.,_Maine

Bay Ridge Elementary School, Cutler, Maine

Notes From a Lobster Fishing Village. A native of Cutler, Maine writes about Maine lobster and the Maine lobster fishing experience. This blog post writes about Cutler, Maine and provides suggestions for hiking and places to see. . . .

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Lodging in Cutler, Maine

There are no hotels and motels in Cutler, Maine.  There are some bed & breakfast places.

Little River Lodge.  Cutler, Maine. This lodge is now closed and is for sale.

The Cates House.

Little River Lighthouse Overnight.

Bold Coast Area Accommodations by Bold Coast Charter Company.

Cutler Cottage.
69 Adams Street, Danvers, MA 01923

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Dining in Cutler, Maine

There are no restaurants in Cutler, Maine.  A number of eating establishments can be found in Lubec, Maine further up the coast or in Machias. A listing of Machias area restaurants is provided by the Machias Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.  See our Lubec, Maine webpage for dining in Lubec. There is a small convenience store located eight miles south of the Cutler harbor on Route 191 called "A Z Market" where you can purchase gas, diesal, and light gorceries. They also serve pizza and subs.

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Recreation in Cutler, Maine

Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land.  Maine Division of Parks & Public Lands. Located off Route 191 between Cutler and Lubec.  A 12,000 acre parcel of land for hiking, camping, and birdwatching that is open year round. Offers 5.8 mile and 9.8 mile trail loops through a variety of environments.

Bold Coast Cutler Coast Reserve.

Western Head Preserve.  This 247 acre preserve provides views of the ocean and fishing village of Cutler. There is a 3.5-mile long hiking trail on the preserve. Read more about the Western Head Preserve in Cutler, Maine.

Eastern Knubble Trail. This small hiking trail starts off Route 191 near the Cutler Post Office, follows the shoreline along the northern edge of Little River, and ends at a point along the shore providing a view of the Atlantic Ocean and the coastline. Read more about the Eastern Knubble Trail.

Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge.  U.S. Fish & Wildlife.

Cross Island National Wildlife Refuge. These 1,700 acres consist of six different islands; Cross Island, Scotch Island, Outer Double Head Shot, Inner Double Head Shot, Mink Island, and Old Man Island.
Wikipedia description of Cross Islands can be accessed here. US Geological Service (USGS) GNIS Feature Report of Cross Islands can be accessed here.

Recreation Located Near Cutler, Maine

Bog Brook Cove.This preservation parcel is located in Trescott, Maine. A 1,770-acre preserve located on Maine's Bold Coast. Read more about the Bog Brook Cove Preserve at the Maine Coast Heritage Trust webpage below:

Download and print a PDF map of Bog Brook Cove:

Map showing directions and parking area provided by MaineTrailFinder.

Quoddy Head State Park. Maine Division of Parks & Public Lands.

Roosevelt Campobello International Park.This park, located on the Canadian Campobello Island, is a memorial to President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and is located not far from Cutler.

Roque Bluffs State Park. Division of Parks & Public Lands.

Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service.

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Attractions and Places to See in Cutler

Little River Lighthouse. By Frends of Little River Lighthouse. The first lighthouse at Little River was built in 1847. At first there was a stone tower which was then replaced with a brick tower in 1876.

More info on Little River Lighthouse.

Little River Lighthouse. 
Photo by Bold Coast Charter Company.

Puffin and Scenic Tours. Available from the harbor. By Bold Coast Charter Company.

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Cutler, Maine Business Directory

Alana's Fine Art Photography
Cutler, Maine

Bessey Ridge Wreath Company
1705 Cutler Road, Cutler, Maine 04626

Bold Coast Charter Company
"Puffin trips, sightseeing tours"
P.O Box 364, Cutler, Maine

Cutler, Maine Business Directory. 
Machias Bay Area Chamber of Commerce.

Downeast Coastal Press
2413 Cutler Road, Cutler, Maine 04626

Little River Lobster Co. Inc.
PO Box 225, Cutler, Maine 04626

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Other Information about Cutler, Maine

Tide Chart for Cutler, Maine. By US Harbors.

Harbor Guide for Little River, Cutler, Maine by US Harbors.

Web Cam for Little Machias Bay, Cutler, Maine . . ./-bay-webcam/

VLF Transmitter Station, Cutler Naval Station. A shore radio station that provides one-way communication to submarines in the Navy's Atlantic fleet is found along the shore in Cutler. The station at Cutler was built in 1960 during the height of the cold war. 1.  Read more in Wikipedia. See even more info on at

Facts and Info on Cutler, Maine. By

Downeast Sea Ranch. A college students plan to introduce a cod farm to the tradional fishing village of Cutler, Maine.

Cutler, Maine Real Estate

Cutler, Maine Real Estate Listings.

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Weather in Cutler, Maine

 Click for Cutler, Maine Forecast

Cutler, Maine Weather.

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Maps of Cutler, Maine

Map of Cutler, Maine by MapQuest.

Map of Cutler, Maine by Google. . . .Cutler, Maine . . .

Satellite View of Roque Cutler, Maine.  By

Map of Cutler, Maine. By Bold Coast Charter

Download and print a PDF map of Bog Brook Cove:

Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land by Maine Trail Finder.

Cutler Naval Radio Station - Tide Times and Charts by TidesChart


News About Cutler, Maine

May 2012. "Bold Coast Trail in Maine". Yankee Magazine.

February 12, 2012. "Bog Brook's a hidden gem". Maine Sunday Telegram. Provides some history of how the preserve was protected.

December 25, 2011. "Man spends Christmas alone at Cutler lighthouse". Bangor Daily News.

September 2011. "Bold Coast".

July 21, 2010. "Western Head Preserve". Bangor Daily News. Story on the 3.5-mile trail  that starts along side the Little River and through the woods.

July 4, 2010.  "Maine lighthouse opening to public".  Seacoast Online.

September 23, 2009. "This land is our land". Bangor Daily News. Story about 1,770-acre Bog Brook Perserve in Trescott, Maine (located not far from Cutler, Maine). There is a small trail, several small coves and beaches, and views of Moose Cove and Grand Manan Island.

August 25, 2008.  "Maine's rugged Bold Coast is an untouched treasure".  USA Today.

August 19, 2008.  "A Treasure off The Beaten Track".  CBS News.

January / February 2002.  "Measure Twice, Cut Once: Trail builders tell us how they lay the groundwork".  Appalachian Mountain Club.

September 2001. "Backpacking on Maine's Wild Cutler Coast".


1. For more information and photos on the VLF transmitters at Cutler Naval Station see The Living Moon online posting.,_Maine.html


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Home> Cities > Cutler, Maine


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