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Harpswell, Maine

Home > Cities and Towns > Harpswell

The town of Harpswell is located on the coast of Maine south of Brunswick, Maine heading south on Route 24. It is comprised of a peninsular jutting south into the Atlantic Ocean and three islands connected by land bridges. The islands are Great Sebascodegan Island, Orr's Island and Bailey Island.

History of Harpswell


Places to See

Cribstone Bridge.  This unique bridge was built in the 1920's and joined Orr's Island and Bailey Island - spanning Will's Gut. It was made of granite stone slabs quarried in Yarmouth and Pownal, Maine. It is the only bridge like it in the world and is now a historical site. A newer bridge has since replaced it.  (see the picture at right).

Great Sebascodegan Island. A large island that comprises the north-eastern section of the Town of Harpswell.

Orr's Island. The island belonging to the Town of Harpswell that connects Great Sebascodegan Island with Bailey Island via Route 24.

Bailey Island. This island is located just south of Orr's Island.  Some nice scenery and views.

Cundy's Harbor. A small fishing village located at the end of Great Sebascodegan Island.

Things to Do

Harpswell has many beautiful hiking trails, and almost every one includes an ocean view or access to the shore. Click here for more information about were to enjoy the outdoors.

Casco Bay Lines Nature Cruise.  Takes place at noon-time. Runs from end of July to Labor Day. Catch the ride on the northern tip of Bailey Island near the public boat ramp and Cooks Lobster House on the northern tip of Bailey Island.

Elijah Kellogg Church, Congregational
Route 123, Harpswell Center, Maine
(207) 833-6026

The Gallery at Widgeon Cove
Route 123, Harpswell, Maine
(207) 833-6081

Art Galleries and Studios in Harpswell and on Harpswell Islands
by the Harpswell Business Association

List of Things to Do - By Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine

Harpswell Community TV

Community Events Calendar by the Harpswell Anchor

Maps of Harpswell

Map of Harpswell, Maine by Harpswell Festival

Casco Bay Chart by BoatMaine.US

Map by Harpswell Heritage Land Trust

Map of Midcoast Maine by

Harpswell, Maine Map.  By Dolphin Restaurant and Marina.

Websites with Info on Harpswell

Harpswell Heritage Land Trust

Harpswell, Maine Business Association

Town of Harpswell's Official Website

Harpswell Historical Society

Harpswell Information -

Places to Stay - Lodging

Bellevue By the Sea Bed & Breakfast
118 Lookout Point Road, Harpswell, Maine 04079
(207) 833-6324

Common Table
1719 Harpswell Neck Road, Harpswell, Maine 04079
(207) 833-5564

Harpswell Inn
108 Lookout Point, Harpswell, Maine 04079
(207) 833-5509

Quahog Bay Appartments
5 Lobster Lane, Harpswell, Maine 04079
(207) 725-6222

Places to Eat - Dining

Allen's Seafood and Takeout
119 Lookout Point Road
Harpswell, ME 04079
(207) 833-2828

Black Bird Cafe
Route 123, 506 Harpswell Neck Road, Harpswell Center, Maine 04079
(207) 721-1157

Cook's Lobster House
68 Garrison Cove Road, Bailey Island, ME 04003
This restaurant is located at the northern tip of Bailey Island - just south of Orr's Island across the bridge spanning Will's Gut. Great views, good service, lots of seating, great menu, sells alcohol, but is a little pricy.

Dolphin Marina & Restaurant
"A great view of the ocean from all tables"
515 Basin Point Road, Potts Harbor, Harpswell, Maine
(207) 833-6000

Estes Lobster House
1906 Harpswell Neck Road (Route 123), Harpswell, Maine 04079
(207) 833-6340

Gurnet Trading Co.
"Lunch & Lobster - Takeout or Eat In"
Route 24, Harpswell, Maine
(207) 729-7300

Hawkes' Lobster
"In the heart of Cundy's Harbor"
Harpswell, Maine
(207) 721-0472

Middle Bay Seafood, Inc.
43 Ellen Way, Harpswell, Maine 04079

Morse's at Estes Lobster
1906 Harpswell Neck Road, Harpswell, Maine 04070
(207) 833-6340

Harpswell Business Directory

Anchor Publishing, Inc. - Harpswell Anchor
945 Harpswell Neck Road, Harpswell, Maine
(207) 833-5100

Ash Cove Pottery
75 Ash Cove Road, Harpswell, Maine 04079
(207) 833-6004

Damek Burch Construction Services
Harpswell, Maine
(207) 751-0160

Field's Auto - Complete Auto Service
Lookout Point Road, Harpswell Center, Maine
(207) 833-2872

Fred Perry & Daughters Well Drilling
Harpswell, Maine
(207) 833-5011

Great Island Boat Yard
419 Harpswell Island Road, Harpswell, Maine 04079
(207) 729-1639

Greene Clean - Professional Window Cleaning
(207) 729-4807

Holbrook's General Store
Cundy's Harbor, Harpswell, Maine
(207) 725-0022

Homes & Harbors Real Estate
Harpswell Neck and Orr's Island
(207) 833-0500 / (207) 729-0400

Houston Painting
Harpswell, Maine
(207) 522-8314

J. Hathaway's Computer Support & Consulting
923 Harpswell Neck Road, Harpswell, Maine
(207) 833-5353

Kelley Excavating
Harpswell, Maine
(207) 837-5027

Maine Coast Window Cleaning
Harpswell, ME 04079
(207) 319-5386

Paul Morgan, Builder -  Custom Carpentry
729 Harpswell Islands Road, Harpswell, Maine 04079
(207) 729-9272

Picture Perfect Window Cleaning
Harpswell, Maine
(207) 833-5420

Rhonda's Harbor Family Haircare
60 Holbrook Street, Cundy's Harbor, Harpswell, Maine
(207) 798-5930

Scottish Handyman
130 Reach Road, Harpswell, Maine
(207) 504-7341

SeaBreeze Plumbing & Heating
200 Ash Point Road, Harpswell, Maine 04079
(207) 833-7355

Teachers' Antiques
1397 Harpswell Neck Road, Harpswell, Maine
(207) 833-5914

Thor Construction
Thorburn Lane, Harpswell, Maine
(207) 833-2803

Tom Trytek & Sons, Inc. - Natural Gas and Propane Equipment
Harpswell, Maine 04079
(207) 725-8700

Two Coves Farm
Harpswell, Maine
(207) 373-0399


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Home > Cities and Towns > Harpswell



Cribstone Bridge of Bailey Island Maine
Cribstone Bridge, Orr's Island

"Vegetable Corner:
a mecca for local food"
The Working Waterfront
June 2010.



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